Board of directors meeting, late May


Thursday, May 29, 2014

@ 132 Campbellton Road, Stanley Bridge

In Attendance:
Steve Dimond, President
Helen MacEwen, Vice President
Jim Brown, Secretary
Joan Harding, Treasurer
Eric MacEwen, Director
Eliza MacEwen, Member
Call to Order: Chair 7.00 pm.
Minutes of the May 21 Annual General Meeting were read by outgoing secretary Eliza MacEwen.
Much discussion ensued about updating bylaws. Former members who were not re-elected to the board will be receiving letters shortly, requiring their signatures to formally end their Directorship. This measure is to permit efficient Board of Directors meetings with achievable quorums.
Treasurers Report
Treasurer Joan Harding delivered the financial report. She stated after expenses the SBMSI’s pancake breakfast in May brought in a profit of $679.55. Gross revenues before expenses of $175.45, were $807.
Cash on hand in the general fund was $395.44. Joan Harding stated the organization had received a $176 bill from Alan Douglas for snow-clearing services and action was to be taken on paying the bill.
The donation fund currently sits at $38,244.93 after a $500 individual donation. Also, the donation fund is owed $1,950 from earlier withdrawls, which will be replenished shortly.
Farmer’s Market
Steve Dimond, president, reported the purchase of a fridge for the Farmers Market, opening July 2, has been put on hold for now. It’s possible a fridge may be acquired from a business that no longer needs one at little or no cost. A donation receipt from the SBMSI may assist with acquisition. Joan will check into whether the SBMSI can issue donation receipts for large ticket items such as fridges.
Steve Dimond also discussed the feasibility of installing portable hand washing stations for Farmer’s Market vendors, The stations have been approved by Ministry of Health officials.
Agri-Foods Canada will cover 75 per cent of the cost of sending out mail, including pamphets, promoting the farmer’s market. Discussions were also held about hosting musical performances to entertain visitors during the Farmers Market.
Discussion also included progress acquiring tables for the farmers market and the cost of port-a-potties.
Marina Expansion – Stanley Bridge Community Improvements
Steve Dimond went on to discuss the meeting held earlier this day (May 29) with Department of Fisheries and Oceans, ACOA, Island Community Fund, and Skills PEI officials in Stanley Bridge. Attendees learned more about the progress of various projects and also heard about potential funding sources.
The Department of Fisheries may have as much as $815,000 available for Stanley Bridge Harbour work, including initiation of the new marina.
Steve Dimond said the Stanley Bridge Memorial Society played an important role in helping to bring several projects under one roof, including renovations at the former United Church, now the Stanley Bridge Centre. Unfortunately, the Society must await the outcome of these efforts, despite wanting to proceed earlier.
Draperies for Stanley Bridge Centre
Joan Harding moved, upon a suggestion from Helen MacEwen, that the SBMSI approach the Sterling Women’s Institute for permission to use their drapes for the Stanley Bridge Centre. The acquisition isn’t expected to cost anything, since the drapes are surplus.
Summer Student help
The Stanley Bridge Centre will have a summer student for 8 weeks this year. Helen MacEwen also moved that Eliza MacEwen assume responsibility for the administration of the payroll for the new summer student, to be hired to work at the Stanley Bridge Centre for eight weeks this summer. The student will also be involved in the operation of the Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays. Eliza will report to Astrid Dimond and Joan Harding. The motion was seconded by Jim Brown. All in favour, passed.
Joan also moved, seconded by Eliza MacEwen, that A-Z Flooring be hired to rough sand the classroom floor and the stage for a sum not exceeding $100.
Helen moved the meeting be adjourned at 9.29 pm, seconded by Jim Brown and carried.

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