Farmers Market a Great Success

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The Stanley Bridge Centre’s Farmer’s Market has been open for three weeks (Wednesdays, 9 am to 1 pm) to great success. During that span the number of participating vendors has grown from five to nine and organizers have decided to add a second market, an artisans market, on Saturdays, beginning July 19. That market will run from 9 am to 1 pm. Visitors have come from all age groups, including a pair of Ontario youngsters, Stella and Graham, who are holding a basket of fresh strawberries their parents purchased at the market. Also featured is a volunteer with the Stanley Bridge Memorial Society, who was selling tickets on a beautiful quilt to help pay for renovations to the Stanley Bridge Centre.

Stan Carew/John Campbelljohn Concert

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Acclaimed musicians and storytellers Stan Carew (white shirt) and John Campbelljohn rocked the house at the Stanley Bridge Centre (SBC) Sunday evening, July 13, for the Stanley Bridge Memorial Society’s (SBMS) first major entertainment event at the SBC. Parking was at a premium, with nearly every one of the 120 seats filled. More than 20 chairs had to be rushed over at the last minute to accommodate the demand for tickets at the door.
The magical evening featured more than two hours of blues, Celtic, country, honky-tonk and Maritime music, with the audience singing along to their favorite tunes. Thanks are extended to everyone who bought a ticket to this concert and the SBMS is planning to host similar events in the near future.

SBMSI annual meeting minutes, May 21, 2014

The fifth annual meeting of the Stanley Bridge Memorial Society Inc. (SBMSI) was held at the Stanley Bridge Centre Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 7 pm.
Those attending were:
Astrid Dimond
Steve Dimond
Jim Brown
Murdock Morrison
Connie Morrison
Marilyn Simpson
Anne Clark
Trevor Wadman
Alfred Fyfe
Andrew MacEwen
AS MacEwen (Buddy)
Don Reid
Paul H. Schurman
Joe Peters
Cathy Peters
Helen MacEwen
Joan Harding
Eliza MacEwen
The Vice-President called the meeting to order and asked the Secretary to read the minutes of the last regular meeting and the 2013 annual meeting. The regular meeting was moved by Eliza MacEwen and seconded by Joan Harding. Carried.
Treasurer Joan Harding showed income of $9,106.05 and expenses of $9,968.21, with a balance from April 30, 2013 of $934.05, leaving a balance of $71.89 in the Operating Fund. The Donation/Building Fund had income of $29,143.36 and expenses of $1,963.43, with a balance of $10,280 from April 30, 2013. This gave us $37,459.93. The auditor, Anne Clark, gave a good report on the books and she said it would be easier and quicker if we invested in an accounting package. She suggested keeping the two accounts separate and a monthly bank reconciliation report.
The vice-president gave a report of the year’s work.
The bylaws were discussed at length and Joe Peters moved that the bylaws be changed as follows:
we agreed to leave the bylaws as is and keep to seven (7) directors. The directors shall also include and appoint an executive committee of directors consisting of a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer and a Secretary and three (3) directors. The officers shall be elected for two (2) years and shall be eligible for re-election with the exception that At Large Officers shall be elected for a period of one (1) year.
All former members remain as members. This was moved by Joan Harding and seconded by Anne Clark. In addition to the above, we have as members:  Alliston Lodewyk, Jean Steffler, Bob Parkes, Sharon Parkes, Dorothy Simpson, Eric MacEwen, Herbert Simpson, Marilyn Simpson, Paul H Schurman, Debra MacEwen-Kenney and Wayne Scott. Don Reid passed out membership sheets motioning for membership of the Centre, seconded by Joan Harding. Membership is $5 each, $15 for a family of three (3) and $20 for a business.
Directors: AS MacEwen, Connie Morrison, Joan Harding, Helen MacEwen, Eric MacEwen, Robert Parkes, Murdock Morrison and Eliza MacEwen.
The nominating committee gave their report as follows:
President – Steve Dimond
Vice President – Helen MacEwen
Treasurer – Joan Harding
Secretary –  Jim Brown
Directors – Eric MacEwen, Don Reid and Astrid Dimond.
Joe Peters moved nominations cease. The seven directors were elected and voted in unanimously.
Paul H Schurman said we should contact corporations for money and we shouldn’t borrow money from the Building Fund.
Joe Peters moved adjournment.