Craft fair Saturday, Dec 3 at Stanley Bridge WI

Photos are from last year’s craft fair at the Stanley Bridge Hall (WI). This year’s event, which features a wide range of vendors including the Stanley Bridge Centre, will be run from 10 am to 3 pm, Saturday, Dec 3.
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Don’t forget to bring your Christmas spirit! The WI is right next to the roundabout.

Our Lady of Hope Retreat Centre

That’s what I thought immediately as I was escorted through the front doors of the almost finished $2.9 million Our Lady of Hope Retreat Centre, going up on a 7.5 hectare property in Bayview, close to Cavendish and Stanley Bridge on Reid Road. The ecumenical retreat boasts approximately 38 guestrooms, each with a private bathroom.
The massive project for the Diocese of Charlottetown, which will replace the Belcourt Centre in Rustico, is truly astonishing to look at on the inside. There is still lots of finishing work to be completed, but all the heavy lifting is done. It should open its doors by February or March, but there is no firm timeline.
Striking views of woods and the waters of New London Bay greet the eye from several of the rooms I visitedchopsaw and there is a lingering scent of sawdust in the air. I had walked past the building many times since the groundbreaking in early spring and was always impressed at its imposing sight. Now, today, Friday, Nov 25, I was allowed inside. I think guests will be blown away by what they see. There’s still plenty of clutter – tools and debris scattered around, but the magnificent “bones” are fully visible.


Down the elevator shaft.


Kitchen in progress.

Truly a stunner.
Story and photos by Jim Brown

New Retreat Centre Coming

Anyone driving or walking along Reid Road, near Cavendish and Stanley Bridge, couldn’t help but notice this towering construction project.
retreat02Much of the exterior work is nearing completion and so is the outside paving. The Our Lady of Hope Retreat Centre, built at a cost of around $3 million for the Diocese of Charlottetown, is expected to be finished by the end of the year. Groundbreaking was in late March. The ecumenical retreat will boast approximately 38 guest rooms, each with a private bathroom, and house as many as 55 to 60 people.
The Rustico-based retreat it replaces, the Belcourt Centre, accommodates approximately 30 people. The Belcourt Centre is expected to close in February or March of 2017. Big things are definitely happening in the Stanley Bridge-Cavendish area.
Story and photos by Jim Brown

Canada Geese on the Island

The Clyde River at Hunter River was filled nearly as far as the eye could see with Canada Geese, who as late as mid-November seemed reluctant to fly south for the winter. Large numbers of Canada geese could also be seen at waterways throughout the Island.
Photos by Jim Brown