Historic house in Kensington demolished.

They waited and waited and waited. But after owning the 104-year-old Kennedy home for more than a year Bruce and Donna Bell, owners of Bell’s Esso, decided to demolish the Kensington landmark which had been around before the community had gotten electricity. The building was knocked down on Tuesday, Dec 6 and the land turned into a vacant plot.

Donna and Bruce didn’t take that drastic step without exhausting all other possibilities, including offering the home for free to anyone who would pick it up and move it to another location. Though the two-storey, four corner home had been empty for some time Bruce and his wife had still been paying taxes on it.
But it wasn’t just demolished, with the debris taken to the nearest landfill for disposal. Much of the home was salvaged, including all of the woodwork and the windows.

The Bells haven’t decided what to do with the vacant lot.
Story and photos by Jim Brown