Surveillance cameras for Cavendish in the works?

By Jim Brown.

Be careful if you get up to mischief in the Resort Municipality of Cavendish in the near future. Somebody, actually, something, could be watching you and that could lead to a visit from law enforcement officers.
The resort municipality’s councilors have had enough of theft and vandalism and are planning to install surveillance cameras.
The issue was addressed at Council’s regular monthly meeting on Sept 18.

Graham’s Lane, Resort Municipality of Cavendish, where 145 solar lights were stolen.

Back in the spring 145 solar light fixtures were stolen or vandalized, of the 244 that were installed on Graham’s Lane. The solar lights served double duty – providing safety markers and also enhancing the appearance of the area where they were installed. Now there are just empty poles where the lights were, including the remaining lights that hadn’t been stolen.
The lights cost anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000 to replace.
When they are installed, a number of them will likely include cameras.
Council will seek quotes but hasn’t authorized the cameras yet, said Chair Matthew Jelley.
“I think cameras are the way to go,” said a councilor, adding solar lights can be programmed to have cameras switch on at certain times. They can also be set for motion detection.
“Cameras can be a wonderful thing,” she said.
Councillors were also concerned about the increasing prevalence of graffiti in the municipality.
The favored targets of graffiti artists were sewer lift stations and on highway electrical boxes. Much of the damage was done in the spring.