Stanley Bridge bash welcomes seasonal visitors from America fighting Trump

Story and photos by Jim Brown
Eleanor Hora’s home was a good-natured shrine to the Trump resistance movement in Stanley Bridge on July 21.

Eleanor was hosting the second annual meeting of the Trump-Free World Society (Stanley Bridge Founding Branch), which drew dozens of Americans and Canadians from diverse backgrounds, who all shared one thing in common: the dream of a world without Trump.
Groaning tables were filled with Trump-themed finger foods. The culinary highlight was a large cake topped in swirling orange icing bearing the image of President Trump as a diapered baby, similar to the Trump Baby blimp that flew over London during his recent disastrous visit there.
Guests were handed photo reprints of the Trump baby image to hold up for a group photo, with one woman playfully tearing up her photo to show her distaste for America’s 45th president.
Also, after making a wish, guests pricked orange balloons symbolizing America’s president and his administration. If only they would deflate as easily.
Over spirits and good food participants unburdened themselves and exchanged stories about what it’s like to live in a world defined by Trump and about an America facing one of the gravest threats in its history.
They left the bash feeling more optimistic about the future and with a growing sense of shared purpose.