Resort Municipality seeking candidates for Council

By Jim Brown
Want a part-time job that pays $1,463 a year, but offers a great opportunity to serve the public? Then you might want to rush down to the municipal office in Cavendish to put your name in.
The Resort Municipality is short two candidates to fill its slate of councilors for the Aug 13 election, so it has extended the nomination period, as per the Municipal Government Act, to 2 pm, Aug 3 from July 27.
The Resort Municipality’s Council has a mayor and six councilors, with the mayor earning $2,195 a year. The planning board chair earns $1,777 annually.
Currently four candidates have declared for the six council positions. They are George Clark-Dunning, Kenny Singleton, Linda Lowther and Lee Brammer. Mayor Matthew Jelley has been acclaimed.
The province has changed the election process, with new legislation dictating an annual general meeting is no longer required by municipalities. In the past, the election nomination process would run at the same time as the AGM or a public meeting where people could be nominated from the floor and asked if they wished to stand for election. If the candidates didn’t face any challengers they would be acclaimed.
The Resort Municipality has 280 year round residents, a number that swells to more than a thousand if seasonal residents are included during the summer, according to Brenda MacDonald, the Resort Municipality’s CAO.
Giving seasonal residents an opportunity to vote is why elections are held in the summer and not in November, as is the case with other municipalities on PEI.
Brenda confirmed the tab will be higher for this election, which could cost as much as $3,000, since there will be additional ads in newspapers, advance polls and other expenses related to conventional elections.
That compares to about $500 for previous elections.
If there are any bugs in the new system the province will have a chance to fix them before the November municipal elections.
On election day, Aug 13, polls are open from 9 am to 4 pm. An advance poll will be held on Saturday, Aug 11, from 9 am to 12 noon.